Norman M. K. Yeung & Co. solicitors
  1. Foreign nationals (except nationals of Afghanistan, Albania, Cuba and Democratic People's Republic of Korea);
  2. Macao Special Administrative Region (Macao SAR) residents;
  3. Chinese nationals who have obtained permanent resident status in a foreign country;
  4. Stateless persons who have obtained permanent resident status in a foreign country with proven re-entry facilities;
  5. Taiwan residents;

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

  1. Have net assets of not less than HK$10 million to which he is Absolutely Beneficially entitled throughout the two years preceding his application;
  2. Have invested within six months before admission of his application to the immigration department, or will invest within six months after the granting of approval in principle by the immigration department, not less than HK$10 million in permissible investment asset classes;
  3. Have no adverse record both in Hong Kong and country of residence;
  4. Be able to demonstrate that he is capable of supporting and accommodating himself without relying on any return on the permissible investment assets.

What is permissible asset classes?

  1. Real Estate: commercial industrial or residential properties
  2. Financial Assets; equities, debt securities, certificate of deposits, Subordinated debt, eligible collective investment Schemes.